About Us

A.Y.A. stands for "Access Your Ascension". Our mission is for people to have a nutritious guilt free snack option always available to them.  We started the business as college student athletes that practiced bad eating habits (aka. "guilty snacking").  We ultimately paid the price for it through early obesity and injuries on the field.  This experience inspired us to make a change to the culture of snacking.  We chose plant-based snacking due to the abundance of research that spoke on the healing effects of the plant-based lifestyle.  We initially took on the lifestyle to heal our bodies and build our immunity.  Then as we shared our information through our snacks, we saw that people really enjoyed our creations!  And that was the inception of Aya Raw.  

What's behind our logo?

3 is the number of abundance.  We represent that using 3 triangles.  One of our mantras here at AYA is "Health is Wealth".  Full health being seen in a 3 part harmony of Mind, Body and Soul.  We use the triangle because triangles are the strongest foundations to build from.  One of AYA's goals is to build strong foundations within the community that can help people achieve the "Health is Wealth" mentality.